Certificates III & IV in Fitness

Aus Weightlifting Federation Club Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach Level 1 

Bachelor of Health Sciences in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine in progress



Carly views training and nourishing our bodies with good food as the most powerful vessels for self-love, empowerment and discipline there is.

Before joining Soul in late-2022, Carly spent a portion of her (so far) 10-year fitness career teaching Certificates III and IV in Fitness to budding coaches and PTs. She now places a heavy emphasis on education when she coaches, with the aim of imparting a better understanding of why we do the things we do. 

She’s been heavily invested in CrossFit and weightlifting for around five years, dipping her toes in bodybuilding, and powerlifting along the way. She describes herself as a competitive weightlifter and weekend warrior CrossFitter, having simultaneously held an impressive two State Championship titles in weightlifting.

Carly is passionate about the benefits of fitness since it saved her life when she was at her lowest point and has been crucial for maintaining her mental health ever since. She attributes her active lifestyle to making her the person she’s proud to be today and says it’s the driving factor for her to be the best coach she can be! Carly promises to care, make you laugh, listen to you, cheer you on and, most importantly, to challenge you as your coach.

Her advice to our members? “Remember that we’ve all been where you are, we all respect where you’re at on your journey; and we’re all here to help build you up to a better version of you.”

When Carly’s not on the floor coaching others or training herself, she’s probably eating or playing with her dog, Tilly.